I first wrote this
page in french. It was about the new wifi USB adaptor I bought, its resemblance with the Deathstar, the electromagnetic pollution and wardriving. I tried to make it a little amusing. But it would be quite difficult for me to transpose all this in english. So let us be pragmatic and concentrate on what you are here for:
Using the Asus wl-140 SpaceLink Wireless USB Adaptor with the D-Link DWL-122 Mac Os driver.
I think any 11Mb Prism based USB adaptor can be used with a Mac following this method.
There are 7 steps for this "How-To", it's easy, you can make it !
I tested this hack with MacOS X 10.4.2, I don't know if it would still work with a newer version.
First step:
Collecting informations.

They 're as like as two peas, aren't they?